September 2022 – Ges4Seas starts

The new project Ges4Seas just started. We have 4 exciting years in front of us!

Coastal and marine waters are vital for the natural balance of our planet and for Human societies.  All coastal and marine ecosystem goods and services heavily depend on the level of human and environmental pressures,​ and their cumulative effects.

GES4SEAS will bring together relevant actors and stakeholders, to develop an innovative, compliant, and flexible toolbox in the context of adaptive Ecosystem-Based Management. Stakeholders and key competent authorities will be integrated in a Practitioner Advisory Board to co-create and validate the toolbox.

11 Learning Sites will be used to test, validate, demonstrate and upscale the toolbox in four European regional seas (Atlantic, Mediterranean, Baltic and Black) as well as in the Caribbean Sea.

Through these tools, GES4SEAS will ensure that Good Environmental Status is achieved and support policies at national, European and global levels.