September 2009 – Ecopath 25 year conference and workshops (UBC, Vancouver, Canada)

In September 2009 we helped organize the first conference of the research community to celebrate the 25 years of Ecopath with Ecosim approach at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

The Ecopath 25 Years Conference aimed to provide an overview of 25 years of progress using this approach in different fields: fisheries management, ecosystem comparisons, spatial analyses, climate impacts, and ecosystem-based management as well as to introduce exciting new features. It was an international scientific reunion on ecosystem modelling using the software Ecopath and Ecosim (EwE). Futhermore, this event allowed users from the scientific community, education bodies, members of governmental organizations and NGOs to be given an overview on what had been achieved since Ecopath’s inceptions. Key topics of the conference included: expansion of features to the analysis of fishing policies; establishment of marine protected areas (MPAs); study of socioeconomic factors of marine exploitation; and incorporation of climatic drivers in the analysis of marine ecosystems.